How to update leaves in APTeLS App Step by Step Procedure in Telugu

How to update leaves in APTeLS App in Telugu –APTeLS (Andhra Pradesh Teachers e-Leaves System) New Updated instruction insert in Modified App.

How to update leaves in APTeLS App Step by Step Procedure in Telugu

First Upgrade APTeLS App on your phone by clicking this link Google Play Store
Click this link to register your leave credits.
Then enter your App through your Treasury ID.

Leaves 22 for male teachers, 27 for female teachers.
You have to register your watches using your attendant’s register.
Earned Leave (EL) 6 shows. You need to register in the USED if you have used these 6 Enter.
If you do not have 0 Enter.
The Half Pay (HPL) No appears. So when Enter the Half Pay (HPL), you should only enter the number of Half Pay Leave (HPL) accounts in your Service Register ( SR).
Conpensetary shells are 0. If you enter 0 there is enough. Otherwise, if any of the authorities have granted you such burden, you will have to register the number of people who are not using them today.
In the APTeLS App, women show the Maternity Leaves of women, Maternity and Child Care Leaves.
Submit after all entries are registered.
After approval you will be advised by your DDO (MEO / HM).
The DDO (MEO / HM) login is also included in the APTeLS App.
Log in on the website to log in as well as log in.
User ID school UDISE code should be logged with the password of the respective schools.
After the DDO (MEO / HM) logs, the teachers of those schools will see the details of their registration.

The relevant teacher service registrar and their attendant register and the register of the register will have to approve their wards. If it does not, the DDO (MEO / HM) should be edited.

  1. The principal of the Hawking School should be abused by DyEO.
    Only after you approve it you will need to apply the waves through the APTeLS app

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