Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators 2020

Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators 2020

Instructions for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators

For inspection:


  • Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Invigilators One day before the exam i.e. on 19.09.2020:
  • Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators
    The Invigilators shall appoint the Zonal Council concerned at the place and time specified in their appointment orders.
    Report to the Development Officer / Municipal Commissioner / Tehsildar.
  • District Special Officer Examination, Central Special Officer and Development Officer of the concerned Zonal Parishad /
    Attend training classes conducted by Municipal Commissioner / Tehsildar / Zonal Education Officer
  • Introduce chief supervisors and hall supervisors.
  • The name and address of the examination center should be obtained through the Chief Supervisor.
  • After the training, the Chief Supervisor visits the designated examination center and makes appropriate arrangements
    Should help them.

On Exam Day:


  • Chief Supervisors at the Examination Center at 7 am / 11.30 pm and
    The examination center special officer should report to them.
    9.15 am / 1.45 pm Draw by the Chief Supervisor in the presence of the Special Officer of the Examination Center
    The examination hall is allotted to the invigilators by drawing.
  • Visit the allotted examination hall and check the seating arrangements.
    Any prohibited materials must be verified without being in the examination hall.
    Examination and Prohibition before admitting candidates into the examination hall at the examination center
    Chief Supervisors to Hall Supervisors in case of the removal of items from candidates
    To cooperate, Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators
  • Candidates are required to bring their hall ticket along with the Government during admission to the examination hall.
    An original photo identity card issued means PAN Card / Passport / Employee Identity Card / Aadhar‌ Card / Voter ID card / Driving license etc. must be shown.
  • Look at the photo printed on the hall ticket and check that the same person did not attend the exam and
    The nominal roll should match the one with or without the same photo. According to Pull out the mask and check the hall ticket, photo and videography and make arrangements to enter, No need to remove the mask in the exam hall.
  • If the candidate’s hall ticket is without a photo with a blurry photo and a smaller photo
    And if printed with an unsigned photo the applicant must sign with the Gazetted‌ Officer Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators
    The done photos should be brought and submitted to the Invigilator at the examination center. Candidate in this case
  • Candidate should not be allowed to write the test if he fails.
  • Candidates should be instructed to sit at the seat allotted to them.
  • the Candidates should be informed of the following instructions.
  • Candidates should not bring any electronic devices into the Paris Center.
  • Carefully read the instructions in the pre-booklet.

Instructions for Candidates:

  • To enter the specified details and what is the series of the question paper using Only ballpoint pen (black/blue) should be used for registration
  • The answer sheet is not valid because it is written on the answer sheet with a pen or other writing material.
    OMR issued to candidates. The document consists of two copies. Original OMR Answer sheet OMR.
    Candidates should submit the original 01 / [% answer sheet (above sheet) to the Invigilator after the examination.
  • Candidates should not be allowed to leave the examination center until the end of the examination period.
    They are disqualified if any candidate leaves the examination center earlier than the stipulated time
    Will be considered.
  • Blindness according to Central Government Guidelines for people with cerebral palsy, mobility impairment 50
    Minutes of time in addition to the facility for diverse talents who have requested the SRIBE facility to write the exam
    Is provided.Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators

Before 10 mins of the exam:

  • Receiving the required number of question paper books from the hall supervisor
    To be verified.
    Regular distribution of blank 011 sheets to candidates by 9.40 am / 2.15 pm on 14th
    The onus is on the inspectors to do that.
  • If any printed OMR answer sheet is damaged or torn or not printed properly (Candidate
    Other than details) For further action to the attention of the Hall Supervisor / Chief Supervisor
    Should be carried. The Chief Supervisor will hand over the buffer‌ OMR document after due consideration.
  • Assist the applicant in entering the code numbers on the 01/1౧ Sheets‌ at the appropriate place.
    Confirm signing. Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators.
  • Open the question paper bundles in the presence of the candidates at 9.55 am / 2.25 pm
    10.00 / 2.30 pm Distribution as per layout in proforma immediately after ringing 2nd bell
    To do.
  • 10.15 am / 2.45 pm Invigilators hall, wise absentees, Prepare and hand out to hall supervisors.
  • If any candidate is appearing for the examination but his / her question paper booklet is not available
    Should not be distributed to another under any circumstances.
  • When the booklet codes are distributed incorrectly or the candidate has errors in entering their details. Buffer‌ OMR Answer sheets should not be issued in case found. If anything like that happens.
    Bring to the attention of the Hall Supervisors / Chief Supervisors for further action. Guidelines for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators.
  • Candidates’ signatures should be taken on the attendance sheets. All the rooms allotted for identifying the candidates in the Question Papers Booklet and OMR Sheet
    Candidates must verify proper filling.
    The answer sheet used by the candidates at 12.30 am / 5.00 pm after the end of the examination
    Documents should be collected and handed over to the hall supervisor.
  • Put the used answer sheets in order, proforma XI, XII Chief Observers reporting in
    Do not leave the test center until prepared.

Instructions for Grama-Ward Secretariat Exam Invigilators

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