D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

Andhra Pradesh Government Employees Federation president Venkatramireddy said in a statement that Chief Minister Jagan had given the green signal to pay a DA to state government employees. A DA for employees. CMVO officials said that the CM had directed them to issue orders to pay the pending salaries in 5 installments. Last March and April, the government paid only 50 percent of employees’ salaries. CM Jagan said he had recently been directed to pay the remaining 50 percent of the salaries in five installments.D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

Venkatramireddy said he would jointly ask CM Jagan to pay at least two DAs to Dussehra out of the DA arrears due.
Employees are debating whether to give a green signal to a DA while paying 5 arrears to employees and the rest to be saved.D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

New Dearness Allowance D.A Rates RPS 2015 From July 2013

DA table 30.392% (HRA 12%) from 1-7-2018
DA table 30.392% (HRA 14.5%) from 1-7-2018
DA table 30-792% (HRA 20%) from 1-7-2018

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Current D.A Rates Dearness allowance in 10th PRC

Receiving as on 1-8-2019: –

  • 0% from 1-7-2013
  • 5.240% from 1-1-2014
  • 08.908% from 1-7-2014
  • 12.052% from 1-1-2015
  • 15.196% from 1-7-2015
  • 18.340% from 1-1-2016
  • 22.008% from 1-7-2016
  • 24.104% from 1-1-2017
  • 25.676% from 1-7-2017
  • 27.248% from 1-1-2018

Arrears yet to come: –

  • 30.392% from 1-7-2018
  • 35.108% from 1-1-2019
  • 42.968% from 1-7-2019.
  • DA arrears amount
  • 42.968(-)27.248=15.720%
  • Issued for the benefit of employees.

Following the DA rates announced by the Central Government

DA Rates Dearness arrears due to employees in the State:

01- 07-2018 _3.144% (2%)
01- 01-2019: _4.716% (3%)
01- 07-2019 _7.860% (5%)

DA for state government employees:
Central 1% = 1.572% for state
5 x 1.572% = 7.860%.
Total arrears 15.72%.

Two PRCs delayed

Non-timely implementation of pay revisions, 11th Pay Amendment Commission extended again, Discussions among employees
Andhra Pradesh state government employees are waiting to see when the 11th pay revision report will come. Once again orders were issued extending the deadline for the pay revision commission. The deadline was extended to just another 15 days. It is doubtful whether the Commission will submit its report within this period. With the onset of the corona period, state revenues plummeted and the unions lost much of their composure. This has led to an interesting discussion on PRCs among employees. Due to the job movement in Andhra Pradesh, the submission and implementation of the reports of the PRC commissions have been delayed. So far 11 commissions have been set up in the AP.D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

The first pay revision committee was formed in 1969.In the name of wage revision, the commissions are making recommendations on other demands by adding the drought allowance to the pay scale and changing the scales accordingly. The principle is to set up a pay revision commission every five years.The five-year time frame is changing due to delays in setting up of pay revision committees and implementation of reports due to various reasons like the current delay. There have been instances of delays of 8 to 9 years at a time.
Employees are concerned that two PRCs have been lost so far due to such delays.

Damage to post-retirement benefits A large percentage of employees are unable to benefit after retirement due to PRC delays.
Financially disadvantaged. For example, the Tenth PRC should be implemented from July 1, 2013. Implemented by the State Government from June 2, 2014. The PRC was not implemented for those who retired for a period of 11 months from July 1, 2013, to May 30, 2014.
For all of them, the financial benefit came into effect from June two, 2014. This is a loss to the job and teachers who retire during each PRC. It remains to be seen when the 11th PRC, which is to be implemented from 2018, will come into force.D.A Rates Dearness Allowance RPS 2015 From July 2013 All Da Go’s

Railway stations in Pay Revision Commission so far, the implementation of the following:

1st PRC 1969
Execution Date: 19.3.1969
Financial profit: Since 1.4.1970
Loss period: 12 months
2nd PRC 1974
Date of implementation: 1.1.1974
Financial profit: Since 1.5.1975
Loss period: 16 months
3 V.P.R.C. 1978:
Date of implementation: 1.4.1978
Financial profit: Since 1.3.1979
Loss period: 11 months
4th WPRC 1982 Group Group Scales
Date of execution: 1.12.1982
Financial gain: Since 1.12.1982
5th PRC 1986:
Execution Date: 1.7.1986
Financial gain: Since 1.7.1986
Fitment benefit: 10%

6th. PRC 1993:
Date of implementation: 1.7.1992
Financial profit: Since 1.4.1994
Notional period: 1.7.1992 to 31.3.1994
Loss period: 21 months
Fitment benefit: 10 percent
7th. P.R.C. 1999
Execution Date: 1.7.1998
Financial Profit: 1.4.1999
Notional period: 1.7.1998 to 31.3.1999
Loss period: 9 months
Fitment benefit: 25%
8th. PRC 2005
Date of implementation: 1.7.2003
Financial Profit: 1.4.2005
Notional period: 1.7.2003 to 31.3.2005
Loss period: 21 months
Fitment benefit: 16%
9 V.P.R.C. 2010
Date of implementation: 1.7.2008
Financial Gain: 1.2.2010 Notional Period: 1.7.2008 to 31.1.2010
Loss period: 19 months
Fitment: 39%
EHS (Employee Health Cards Not Receiving Full Benefit)
10th. PRC 2015:
Execution Date: 1.7.2013
Financial Profit: 2.6.2014
Notional period: 1.7.2013 to 1.6.2014
Loss period: 11 months, Fitment: 43%
Raising the age limit (for retirement) to 60s
11 V.P.R.C. 2020:
Committee set up: 28.5.2018
Time elapsed: 2s.2 months
Current Situation- Report coming. Commission extension again

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