AP GOT Online Test – Gazettd Officers Test Code Number 88 & 97 Online Exam

AP GOT Online Test – Gazettd Officers Test Code Number 88 & 97 Online Exam: Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission APPSC Departmntal Exams Gazettd Officers Test GOT Code Number 88 & 97 Online Bits.

GO Test 1

1. to calculate teacher pupil ratio to grant Aid to an aided elementary school by the inspecting officer for releasing salaries to the teachers is:

2. average daily attendance in up schools shall be calculated under rules of GIA

3. the maintance grant to aided schools sanctioned by the govt.of

4. state the max. period of leave that can be granted to a child of a primary school on account of sickness:

5. RMSA aims for retension by achieving 100% goal by the year:

6. the age group prescribed under akshara sankranthi is:

7. special fee accounts are maintained under G.O:

8. the inspecting authority for the primary schools is

9. under RTE act 2009,the teacher can be deployed for the following duties

10. name the scheme introduced under universal and compulsory education:

11. the rule under which, the grant will be lapsed?

12. orders of retification will be published in gazette and communicated in schools as per rules_______A.E.R.

13. SSC scheme was introduced through G.O

14. direct payment of salaries of aided institutions can be ordered by the director under:

15. how much budget is provided by RMSA for purchase of magazines,news papers etc?

16. who is the chairman of state advisory under right to childern to free and compulsory education rules?

17. applications for admitting a school to aid under GIA code shall be made in the form prescribed in:

18. under which chapter of RTE Act,2009 the duties of appropriate govt. are defined

19. the scales of pay adopted for the members of the teaching and non-teaching staff in aided secondary school shall not be less than the scales prescribed by:

20. what is the rate of special fee per annum for classes 8th to 10th

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